Boys Underwear

Various Styles and Types of Boys Underwear


The underwares have lots of style and varieties in their design and fabric. The few style version of boys underwear are long underwear, tanga type, boxer brief, boxer short, briefs, jockstrap and many more. The long underwear is the two piece undergarments. It consists of fit t-shirt with long sleeve up to wrist and trouser reaching till ankle. They are mainly worn during winder to protect against cold. Tanga is the type of boys underwear which has no material around the side, just waist band. Among all the types of underwear, boxer short is the most popular undergarments. It has elastic waist band and the leg section is more free and loose. They have colorful pattern and have design. The next popular style is the boxer briefs. This is similar to the boxer shorts but it is shorter and fitting like brief. It has pouch for the male organs. The next style is the briefs. It has elastic waist band at wearer’s waist and leg section. It has tight look with the shape of body. The boy’s genitalia pouch is usually seen. They are low cut. Among the young generation boys underwear this is more popular. The last variety is jockstrap which is specially designed for the athletes and sport person. It has impact resistant cup for genitalia which protect the genitalia from injuries. 


Thus there is lots of variety for  boys underwear available in market according the need of the people. You need to decide your style and need and select the best underwear for the boys. There are lots of companies who are making special designed underwear.

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